Being moved to a new website

New website

Essentially Being has moved!

Just so exciting! The new website is live!

It’s been a very satisfying project but I’m pleased it’s over. Now I can get on with what matters – teaching meditation, running workshops and writing blog posts … Posts about being happy, being well and most importantly, Just Being.

So what now?

If you have subscribed to receive posts by email from this site, don’t worry – I’ll be transferring your subscription manually to the Essentially Being mailing list. Instead of receiving just the posts, you’ll get the newsletter – the whole shebang! You will never miss out on anything happening at Essentially Being again!

WordPress followers will be transferred across by the good people at JetPack. You don’t have to do a thing.

Thank you

This site has been a fabulous beginning for Essentially Being but it’s growing up now. With good health after BEing rather DOing for about two years, I’m ready to embrace life and move Essentially Being to the next level … whatever that might be.

So thank you for having joined me in this journey and for spending the time reading the posts, sharing your thoughts and encouraging me in the darkest hours. I hope that you will continue to travel with me and Essentially Being as we discover more about the benefits of being.

Please head to the new website at and have a look around. There is some new stuff and old familiar posts.

And for the last time here … (wow – tears just flooded my eyes)

Be happy. Be well. Just be.

And so be it.

So much love to you

Jane x

4 Comments on “Being moved to a new website

  1. Congratulations Jane! Absolutely love your new site:) You are blossoming beautifully and on a very clear path of success! XO


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