Being in a muddle and finding a work-around


After having been away a bit over the last 2 months, I’ve got myself into a bit of a muddle. I’m weeks behind on study, and am moving around self-imposed deadlines for website building, workshop announcements and decluttering at home. Fortunately, I’ve been sent an angel, Sarah Jensento help me focus my time and reduce the stress.

The upshot of all this is that although today’s blog post is half written, it simply ain’t coming your way today!

A work around presented itself  – I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you the latest offering from someone who has inspired and supported me enormously over the last couple of years. The man who first gave me hope and the possibility of a solution for my health. My mentor who selflessly works day in and day out to help people diagnosed with cancer find meaning in their life and a new way to take care of themselves with Lifestyle Medicine.

He also wrote the book I wish I’d had in my hot little hands when I was diagnosedYou Can Conquer Cancer.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Ian Gawler. Ian and his wife Ruth have just returned from running an 8 day Cancer, Healing and Well-being programme in New Zealand. Ian, like me, loves to take photos so he’s put together a bit of a photographic essay for us all. It’s a wonderful way to find out more about the incredible work he does. I hope you enjoy it.

Here it is: Ian Gawler: Out on a Limb: Cancer self-help residential program – a photographic essay.

Who is someone you admire or who inspires you? And why? Share in the comments.

And don’t forget the new Introduction to Meditation Courses are up. Head here for all the details.

Otherwise, are you ready to take your blogging to a whole new level? Or do you want to start blogging or launch a website?



Then the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted course might just be what you are looking for. Rachel MacDonald is another person I admire and this is her latest offering.

I enrolled last year but was too sick to actually do the course. It didn’t matter. I still have access to all the fabulous interviews, notes, checklists and worksheets that the beautiful and supportive Rachel put together for us. And I’ve been using them as I begin the process of building the new Essentially Being website – which means you can’t see yet what I’ve done but trust me, Rachel got me digging deeper than I ever have and I’m excited by what’s to come!

Not only do you get access to the course but Rachel and the community of bloggers she has developed will engage with you regularly in the incredibly supportive Facebook group. Boy have they answered some tricky questions from me and many others. And Rachel is always on the money.

So if you want to learn how to write content, optimise for SEO and just get your message out to the world, now is the time! The next course starts on 1 June 2015 and goes for 8 weeks. Registrations close this Thursday at 5pm AEST. And there will not be another until 2016! It’s a limited opportunity. And I’ve just found out I’ll be sharing the journey with you. So excited!!!!

It’s not just about blogging but about so much more you can do with your website. And if you are short on time, you can do the course at your leisure – like I have.

Click HERE and find out what this course can do for you and what others are saying about it. You won’t regret it! And of course, I have to let you know that if you enrol, I get a reward for referring you.


Until next week, be happy. Be well. Just be.

And so be it.

Jane x

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